Why ONLY Dr. Veltmeyer Can Win

Why you should vote for Dr. Veltmeyer

As a legal immigrant, Dr. Veltmeyer understands the issue and the kind of immigration reform that can actually work for Americans and those who want to become Americans.

Growing up in poverty, Dr. Veltmeyer will craft policies that help lift the poor up and out of dependence, bringing them opportunity, prosperity and a chance for a better life.

Having experienced homelessness, Dr. Veltmeyer will find solutions that put all Americans to work and on the path to becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient.

As a physician, Dr. Veltmeyer understands health care like no other candidate. His MAM reform plan will again make medical care accessible and affordable for everyone.

As a devoted San Diegan for nearly forty years and an enthusiastic and avid surfer on our local beaches, Dr. Veltmeyer will ensure that our air and water are clean and our environment protected for the benefit of future generations.

As a proud American, Dr. Veltmeyer will work to empower all members of our society to find success through education and free markets, not government programs.

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View Dr. Veltmeyer's video, "My Story."