Dr. Veltmeyer on the Key Issues

“We Americans have a story to tell. It's a story about immigrants. Immigrants who came to our shores, built businesses, founded churches, raised their families, learned the language, and honored their new flag. I am that immigrant story and you are that immigrant story. Dr. James Veltmeyer represents what we Americans believe: working hard, facing challenges, keeping the faith, and not asking government to do for us what we can do for ourselves. I have lived the American Dream and shared in America's Promise. Coming to this country at age eleven after suffering homelessness and hardship in a distant land, I don't just talk about poverty and injustice like the Democrats. I lived it!


Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually at the local, state, and federal levels for education, yet our children continue to fall behind other nations. Many graduate from high school without basic skills and our college students enter the job market with crushing debts. The answer is not more spending, but giving parents and students more choices, like charter schools, vocational education, online universities, and freedom from federal and union mandates and controls. Let’s transfer control of our schools from Washington educrats to San Diego’s parents and teachers and reform our college loan system so it no longer serves as an indirect subsidy for unending tuition increases.


Obamacare has failed us. More people may now have insurance cards but they don’t have affordable care. Only the insurance companies profited from the ACA. We need to get government and the insurance companies out of medicine so that doctors and patients can once again make decisions. With the direct-payer model of health care embodied in my Medical Association Membership ( MAM ) plan, you will again be in control of your health care and at a cost you can afford. This program will be open to all Americans, including Medicaid and Medicare recipients. Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny you treatment that your doctor knows you need.


Having experienced homelessness as a young child growing up in South America, I know better than anyone the despair suffered by the thousands in the streets of San Diego. We can not turn a blind eye to their plight. However, pouring additional millions into programs that haven’t worked is not the answer. We should instead focus our efforts on helping people help themselves, by teaching them the skills needed to succeed on their own. I call on San Diego’s businesses and non-profits to join me in a new strategy to get people off the streets and into classrooms and jobs.


America has the highest business taxes in the world, almost 40%. This has led to the loss of jobs all across our country. Our companies are fleeing abroad to avoid this heavy burden. We should cut the corporate tax to 15%, allow the repatriation of the nearly $3 trillion parked overseas, and embark on a broader tax reform for the middle class that makes it again possible for families to enjoy the fruits of their labor and save for college, a new home and retirement.


America is experiencing sub-standard economic growth because taxes and regulations are strangling the private sector. The situation is even worse in California where our businesses close daily in search of a better deal in Texas, Arizona, and Florida. Our trade policies encourage the shipment of manufacturing jobs to low-wage countries in the Third World.  We need a complete review of all our tax, regulatory, and trade policies to eliminate those that kill jobs and hurt our workers. 


None of our freedoms are secure unless we enjoy the right to protect those freedoms, even at the point of a bayonet. Those Americans who died on distant battlefields fighting our nation’s wars are testimony to this truth. Federal actions in the 1950s and 1960s to enforce the rights of African-Americans to attend the schools of their choice are testimony to this truth. Can individuals possess any less of a right to protect their faith, family, and property? The Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment ensures that law-abiding citizens may own firearms for their own defense, as well as for sports and hobbies. This was the intent of the Framers of the Constitution and I will insist that their intent be honored and respected as a member of Congress.


As a legal immigrant to America, I sympathize with those who want to flee poverty and injustice and share in the American Dream. However, we are a sovereign nation as well as a nation of laws. That sovereignty must be respected and we have a responsibility to our citizens to secure our borders from crime, drugs, and terrorism. We need crackdowns on criminal gangs as well as sensible legislation like Kate’s Law. There may be a place for seasonal guest worker laws, but not amnesty. And, any comprehensive immigration reform must prioritize the protection of jobs for Americans on the lowest-rung of the economic ladder.


As a devoted San Diegan for nearly forty years and as an enthusiastic and avid surfer on our local waters, I cherish our beaches, oceans, and breathtaking sunsets. Protecting and preserving this environment for future generations is critical. We have made great progress in recent decades in improving the quality of our air and water, producing cleaner methods of energy, and we will continue to harness new technologies to build a safer, cleaner world. At the same time, our environment must coexist with people. Policies and international accords that really do nothing to achieve our objectives cannot be permitted to deny American workers their jobs and livelihoods. Contrary to the naysayers, it is possible to have economic growth while protecting our rivers, forests, and streams.


Today, America faces some of the greatest foreign policy threats since the Cold War. Radical Islamic terrorism threatens our friends in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and our own families here at home. We must rebuild and refocus our military strength to face this threat, while insisting that our allies in this fight are equally engaged. With a $20 trillion debt looming over us, America cannot afford to spend additional trillions in unending wars abroad. Those nations most directly threatened must agree to provide troops and resources to win a war we dare not lose.