Meet Doctor James Veltmeyer

Congressional candidate Dr. James Veltmeyer has had an unlikely journey from homelessness to Chief, Department of Family Medicine at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Dr. Veltmeyer knows that for an outsider to bring common sense reforms to Washington D.C., it will be a struggle.  However, the man who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve a successful career of helping and healing others, is up to the task.

Overcoming tough challenges comes naturally to James Veltmeyer. Born in South America, his family became homeless when his father abandoned his mother and siblings.  His mother made the heartbreaking decision to send James and his brother to live with an aunt. After a two year effort to obtain a visa, his aunt in El Cajon was able to bring the two boys to live with her in San Diego County.

Given an opportunity, like so many immigrants before him, James learned English and then excelled at Grossmont High School.  At college, his exceptional grades gained him admittance to medical school.  He then went on to a residency in Fresno Family & Community Medicine, through the University of California, San Francisco. While in the residency program, James was selected as Chief, in charge of overseeing 36 residents.

After completing his studies, James came home to San Diego, joining the staff at Sharp Grossmont Hospital.  As the Chief of the Department of Family Medicine, he provides senior leadership to over 200 doctors. In 2012 and 2014, he was selected by his colleagues through the San Diego County Medical Society as a “Top Medical Doctor in San Diego.”  James knows he has to meet high standards.  He consistently ranks in the top 1%-2% for patient satisfaction and is proud to serve on the Ethics Committee for the hospital.

Family life is important to James, also.  He and his wife, Laura, are raising their two children, Olivia, 5, and Landon, 3.

As a doctor, it’s a matter of course for him to work hard, make tough decisions, and be held responsible for results.  Now, James Veltmeyer is running for Congress and he will bring the same passion for excellence and clear accountability to his work as our representative in Washington, D.C.

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