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We Americans have a story to tell. It's a story about immigrants. Immigrants who came to our shores, built businesses, founded churches, raised their families, learned the language, and honored their new flag. I am that immigrant story and you are that immigrant story. I represent what we Americans believe: working hard, facing challenges, keeping the faith, and not asking government to do for us what we can do for ourselves.

“I have lived the American Dream and shared in America's Promise. Coming to this country at age eleven after suffering homelessness and hardship in a distant land, I don't just talk about poverty and injustice like some others do. I lived it!

Please join me in this journey to turn lost opportunities into new possibilities, past failures into future successes, and make the dreams of our children again the guiding light of a new American renaissance. I will bring the promise of the American dream to the people of California’s 52nd district. That is why I respectfully ask for your support. It will be an honor and privilege to serve you in Congress.

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